Felix Schönherr
3 min readApr 9, 2021

To be successful in business, conversion is everything. No matter, if it’s about converting your targets groups to prospects, prospects to customers, and customers to fans; converting your service providers to business partners; converting your employees to makers; converting opportunity to growth: In the ever-changing, fast-paced environment of today, it takes the right mindset to succeed.

Here are the 10 Laws of Conversion that make up YOUR playbook for change in the digital age:

#1 Be passionate about everything — for it takes fire to forge the iron.

Organizations, (company) cultures, and attitudes have one thing in common: They are strong — often too strong for thorough and sustainable change to take place. As if you were forging iron or steel, you have to induce the heat of your vision first and then start forging the structure in the right direction.

#2 Be curious and bring together what seems odd in the first place.

Sugar and spice? Milk and curry? Butter and stone? Unusual approaches and combinations often raise suspicion because they have not been proved (and approved) by experience. But exactly because they’re not tested yet, here’s where the opportunity lies. The next time you want to push-start change thinks about the oddest thing you can do — and go from there to the most promising unusual approach.

#3 Embrace digital technology but always stick to your analog qualities.

Digitalization is the most heard buzzword right now. But applying digital technology won’t take you anywhere unless the process behind is not well-planned and already working in the analog world. Often companies get stuck in expensive, time-consuming IT projects for solutions that could have worked without them. Before you go digital, find out where the analog quality lies.

#4 Any relationship is a process of growth that needs to be constantly nurtured.

No matter if it’s your customers, employees, or business partners: it takes time to build a strong relationship and the relationship building will never be over. Always keep nurturing your network with exciting, powerful, and useful content and ideas.

#5 Creating meaning for your stakeholders is the higher end of any business activity.

In a market that fulfills all of the consumers’ basic needs, stakeholders will always question why your business model is out there in the first place. To fulfill their curiosity it is your company that has to create a consistent and meaningful story about its products, solutions, and about itself.

#6 In highly competitive markets reputation is key and thus is keeping A clean storefront.

Even in the age of disruptive ‘Uber’ economy, you won’t stand a chance without setting your reputation right. Too many competitors are out there that will dwell on any stain and crack in your storefront.

#7 Stick to your place but always keep your eyes wide open.

Settling at your ‘blue ocean’ is the best way you go, but you never want to miss one of the countless opportunities that you’ll find with the vast cargo ships passing by on the horizon. Any of them could help you extending to the next nice place.

#8 In the age of information overdose decisions are becoming less liable. Help them find their way.

While Tinder has made dating a numbers game, any type of relationship in life or business has become less liable nowadays. This means that any decision-making process — especially the sales ones — has to be constantly nurtured just like any other relationship.

#9 It’s your message that has to find its way to the audience — not the other way around.

It may sound frustrating but no one out there is looking for you and your company. Audiences expect news and content to be fresh, free and delivered to them daily to their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn timeline. You should get your message out there.

#10 Conversion is, has ever been, and always will be hard work. Get ready and accept the challenge.

Nothing to add here — just like everything in business, the conversion will take your full efforts, passion, and discipline to make it happen.



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