More convenience for customers, digital disruption for the banks’ business model: How a new standard is fundamentally changing the rules of the payment game.

“Everything starts with trust” („Vertrauen ist der Anfang von allem“) — Deutsche Bank used this well-known slogan to woo customers in the 1990s. There’s no question about it: trust is one of the most important assets a bank can have. After all, we entrust our bank with a great deal of sensitive data — whether it’s incoming and outgoing payments to our checking account or in the context of a loan due diligence.

This makes the…

In the technical literature, it is very often emphasized that DevOps is more than just a collection of tools and methods — namely, a new kind of organizational culture. And indeed, without the cultural factor, the convergence of development and operations remains an empty promise.

But what does “culture” mean in this context, and at what levels can it be defined, evaluated, and changed? And why does a successful DevOps transformation require an entire cultural change right away?

This article provides answers to these questions. …

To be successful in business, conversion is everything. No matter, if it’s about converting your targets groups to prospects, prospects to customers, and customers to fans; converting your service providers to business partners; converting your employees to makers; converting opportunity to growth: In the ever-changing, fast-paced environment of today, it takes the right mindset to succeed.

Here are the 10 Laws of Conversion that make up YOUR playbook for change in the digital age:

#1 Be passionate about everything — for it takes fire to forge the iron.

Organizations, (company) cultures, and attitudes have one thing in common: They are…

IT security incidents are not only a challenge for security experts, but always affect the entire organization. In the event of an emergency, the technical solution level is accompanied by the communication level: Who needs to be informed about what and when? How can the risk of loss of reputation be minimized? In addition to good preparation, this is also determined by the successful implementation of crisis communication.

A serious cyber incident puts organizations under stress: regular work is no longer possible (or only partially possible) due to technical failures; information about the causes and scope of the incident is…

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I am a freelance digital marketing and communications consultant based in Augsburg, Germany. More information:

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